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THE VOICE OF REASON is a prophetic evangelistic ministry; Serving all of Gods people with His love, His Power and His Word. Airing Monday-Friday at 7:30am on blogtalkradio.com. Bringing listeners a burden removing yoke destroying word from the Scriptures. THE VOICE is what God has said, THE REASONS are what God meant when He said it. We continue the commission of going out into all the world and "making disciples" by preaching the Gospel based on the WORD OF GOD in CHRIST JESUS. Browse our site and be blessed!


"JESUS IS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR" listen and be blessed!
Jesus Is Your Personal Savior - Oct 14,2010
Feed My Sheep Church (BTR: In The Word With Pastor Mary | Blog Talk Radio)
Dear God
Smokie Norful (LIVE)

Mary E. Washington, Prophet, Teacher, Conference Speaker, Radio Personality and Servant of the Most High God. Administering the Word of God to a all who will hear... 7:00am Morning Devotion and 7:30am Voice of Reason  Click links to hear more messages and get to know Mary.

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